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July 17, 2013
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"Wait up Hoodie!" The boy with the white mask, dark brown messy hair and brownish yellow jacket called after the boy in the yellow hoodie. The boy ahead known as Hoodie slowed down a bit to let the other boy catch up. The other boy was panting as he caught up. "I'm too tired to be running this fast!" The white masked boy slowed down to a stop nad he leaned against a tree. "C'mon Masky! We have to finish this mission by tomorrow afternoon!" The hooded boy, Hoodie, stopped and walked over to Masky putting one hand beside Maskys head against the tree. Masky sighed. "I know, can we find some where to sleep for a little bit?" Hoddie shrugged and looked around. He pointed to a tree just in Masky's eyesight. Hoddie grabbed Masky's hand and leads him to a certain tree. "We can sleep up here!" He turned to face Masky but Masky had already let go of Hoodies hand and was climbiung up the tree. "C'mon slow poke!" Masky laughed as he climbed up to a nice thick branch. He leaned against the tree and crossed his legs at the ankles out along the branch. Hoodie quickly caught up and was next to Masky. "Where am I gonna sit?" Masky shrugged and chuckled. "Right here!" Masky quickly pulled Hoodie next to him on the branch and Hoddie had to practically lay on him to manage to not fall oout of the tree. "Uhm Masky...?" Hoodies face was red as his hands were at his sides but his head was on Maskys shoulder, and one leg was layed over Maskys legs. Masky smiled. "Hmm?" Hoodie shrugged as well as he could. "I... I uh... I forget!" Masky leaned his head a bit to his left, then quickly took off his mask nad hung it on a little snapped branch. He reached over and took Hoodies off and hung it with his. Hoodie shuddered. "I'm cold..." Masky wrapped one arm around Hoodies shoulder and pulled him closer, holding him tightly. He put his other hand on Hoodies hip to kep him from falling backwards. He smiled and Hoodie blushed a lot. "Is that better?" Masky asked and looked into Hoodies eyes. Hoodie nodded and put his face into Maskys chest to hide the blushing. Masky leaned over and kissed Hoodies cheek. "Goodnight Hoodie." Masky smiled and fell asleep. Hoodie couldn't sleep. He kept wishing that Masky had kissed him again.
My first chapter on a short story I'm creating!
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